Common Mask Challenges Faced by Employees and How to Find a Mask That Solves Them

Common Mask Challenges Faced by Employees and How to Find a Mask That Solves Them

Are you tired of telling your staff to put their mask on properly? Feeling awful when you hear complaints of sore ears or difficulty breathing? Do you feel a mutiny coming on from your employees if they have to wear uncomfortable masks for one more day?

Hopefully, you won’t be forced to walk the plank any time soon. However, if the above sounds all too familiar, it may be time to invest in the procurement of bulk face masks that can resolve the issues many employees are experiencing with having to wear masks at work.

 Below you will find some common issues experienced with disposable face masks or cheap reusable face masks and how a higher quality mask can resolve them.

 Overheating and Breathability Complaints When Wearing a Mask

For many workers in the manufacturing and construction industries, working in warm, humid environments is a daily reality. Disposable masks are made of non-woven polypropylene material and cheap reusables, often from woven fabrics. These materials are not designed to be breathable. Disposable masks are really only intended to be worn for short periods while healthcare practitioners visit patients.

The solution is a mask for manufacturing that incorporates the right materials for the job. Materials such as nylon which has sweat-wicking properties on the inside and polyester that repels moisture on the outside. The result is a face mask that keeps you cool in hot environments and allows you to breathe through the fabric while still keeping you safe.

Irritation Due to Long Term Mask-Wearing

Being on a work site or factory floor means hours of continuous work with few breaks. Disposable masks are intended to be worn for short periods of time while healthcare practitioners visit patients and exchange masks in between. What happens after long term use are irritated ears from the constant pull of the mask straps and even irritation at the nose area due to the continuous pressure of the nose wire.

The solution is a mask that provides fabric padding between a nose clip and skin to create a soft barrier. Some masks can even create a seal out of fabric alone, improving comfort significantly. As for ear straps, procurement should look for stretchy or adjustable straps and made of thicker, softer materials. A better solution is to forgo the ear straps altogether and find adjustable head straps, which many people find more comfortable for long term use.

Finding the Right Mask Size for All Employees

Every person is built differently, so finding one mask that perfectly fits all your employees is next to impossible. You want to ensure the masks fit your employees so that they are comfortable and provide proper protection by creating a seal.

Some companies offer different sizing, which can be helpful, however, face sizes aren’t a very well-known metric and finding the right size for each employee may prove difficult. The best solution is a mask that can fit all employees and be adjusted to fit those with a smaller face. This can be done through adjustable straps that pull the fabric in to create a proper seal. 

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Reusable or Disposable Masks for Businesses – Which actually costs more?

Many companies have fallen on hard times, and splurging on face masks may not seem like the best use of company funds at the moment. Something many may overlook beyond the benefits of reusable face masks is the financial benefit. If you consider the average cost of a disposable mask to be $0.50 per mask, at a 100 person company, you will be spending $50 per day, and $1050 per month (21 working days). A high-quality reusable mask will last up to 50 washes and cost you about $10 a mask, meaning you get over two months of mask use for $1000.


Myant’s Mask Solutions for Companies

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If you are feeling the pressures from your employees for a better mask solution, speak to one of Myant’s experts on masks for businesses.  Myant has leveraged its experience as a leader in textile innovation to design masks that are breathable, comfortable, adjustable and designed for tough work environments. Our Endura B2B Mask has been a popular choice for many businesses in the manufacturing, construction and warehouse/logistics industry.


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